Sitemap - 2019 - The David Charles Newsletter

2010-2019: A New Davecade Begins

52 Things I Learned In 2019

The election that brought us together

Ignore Results; Trust The Process

All Urk and No Play

Seeing the wood for the trees

Scheming and Dreaming

‘Here is no work; there is war’: Refugees in İzmir

‘Here is nothing special’

From the English Channel

Paris: Love Letter Hunting

Samos: Open Cards and Protests

Audio: Samos Refugee Protest

As Predicted: Fire on Samos

Samos: Tales of Shutdown

Rocky Ride round Ikaría

Athens: Where the baby never stopped crying

I like you more than you think I do

More than 6000km later...

The kindest country in the world?

She left me a letter

REBUS and the Anarchic Brain

Why Mahmoud wears perfume

Please leave a love letter

Please leave a love letter

64 Hour Food Tour

The Trials and Tribulations of Van Days

Foiled is finished!

How am I spending the next 4 months?

Love Trails and Limes

Absolutely no pressure, guys.

What can actors teach us about the good life?

What does it take to write a BBC sitcom?

Comedinsanity and Pussy Willows

What I learned from 2 days shadow walking

What will outlast you?

21st century slaves in indefinite detention

Thighs is go!

The best things in life are audacious!

Getting shit for free

What's the weather got to do with comedy?

Emerging from the ether - it's awards time!

Could a nice cup of tea solve Brexit?

Small is sociable: Bristol v London

Life is a way of writing

The Radiohead of Comedy? Hope so!

Do you want Digital Minimalism?

No Computers Please

For the love of ourselves 💚

Tame The Mane 💇

Making Friends With Rejection: From 😭 to 😜

Welcome, Gumroader! 👋

The secret to saving water 💧💧💧

34 trees, 2 magpies, and me

Meditations on Transcendental Meditations

Total Guts!