Congratulations on the ride so far, and good luck for the remainder! I'm jealous - that section between Montenegro and Greece is the part of the ride which fascinates me the most, and which I would most love to ride myself.

While I'm here - you may have gathered this from my own Substack, but I'm afraid necessity has got me in full salesman mode - I have a Kickstarter running for my next book, and anything you could do to help me to hit the funding target would be hugely appreciated (and I don't just mean "give me your money", a share can be as valuable as a pledge, sometimes more so)


God that felt so dirty, pimping myself out :)

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Thanks Dan! More to come in future stories I hope....

And yes! I think I have already supported the book myself, I can't wait to read it! Good luck with it and I'll share when I'm back to my normal posting schedule. Big love

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Doh! You're right, you did back it - I ought to have spotted that. I can only blame the confusion caused by having to become a huckster for the month :)

Thank you 🙏

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